Rus Captured Boys – Electric torture

When you’re bored, there is not much else to do than to find a way to entertain yourself. Even if it means to grab another guy and torture him so hard, he will soil his pants. That’s how it’s supposed to work in Russia anyway. Our latest addition will have a hard time handling the amount of pain his captor prepared for him, because electrical torture (though not very original) happens to be very effective and surprisingly painful!


Ru Captured Boys – Two robbers

Stealing is wrong! Period. These guys made a mistake thinking they could get away with stealing from the wrong people and now they’ll have to pay. Since they already drunk all money away, they will simply have to be punished in more devising ways. And since their captors are pretty kinky, you can be sure these Russian captured boys are in for a big surprise!


Rus Captured Boys – Submissive slave

Training your own slave is no easy business, but it can be a lot of fun, if you know how to do it properly. This young Russian boy is ready to bend over backwards to please his new master and that is where things get interesting. His new master hoped this boy would show more initiative and resistance. Now his master is angry and wants to punish his slave even more than before!


Rus Captured Boys – The slave to train

Slaves have to be trained or they will never work just the way you want them to. This horny Russian guy always wanted his very own sex slave to abuse and since he met this young boy, he just couldn’t resist putting him into intensive training. Better prepare yourself for seriously hardcore scenes, because this boy is about to experience things he always only dreamed of!


Rus Captured Boys – First medical experiment

After you see result of this first “medical” experiment, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to see another. This Russian boy got captured without putting up much fight and now awaits much desired trials. He has no idea how many different kind of things will be inserted into his tight holes, but he’ll deal with it surprisingly well considering he’s supposed to be straight!


Rus Captured Boys – The football fans story

You know how it goes – every football team has fans and when fansboys of each team meet, there is usually fight ready to happen. These poor Russian boys got captured by fans of rival team and you can be sure they will not let them go away easy. Can you think of anything more humiliating than being straight guy who is gang raped by a loads of horny vengeful guys?


Rus Captured Boys – The military story

Russian military is a lot tougher than most. Guys there have to deal with a lot of hardships and if they can’t, they will either leave or become pussies to anyone else. This guy didn’t have the guts to leave and never had the strength to become a proper soldier, so now his role is clear. It’s time to train him well to become bitch and smooth hole for anyone horny for a good fucking!